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Kyveli Suites is housed in two restored buildings which date back to over 150 years ago & are set in an ambience of romance & the echoes of the past times. Each of the 9 rooms has been renovated with love & admiration of the rich cultural history of Nafplio.
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Οι σουίτες Κυβέλη απέχουν μόνο 50 μέτρα από το γραφικό λιμάνι του Ναυπλίου και 10 λεπτά με τα πόδια από το κάστρο της Ακροναυπλίας. Οι σουίτες στεγάζονται σε ένα ανακαινισμένο αρχοντικό 150 ετών σε ένα από τα γραφικά σοκάκια στην παλιά πόλη του Ναυπλίου. Ψάχνεις για ξενοδοχείο στο Ναύπλιο; Απόλαυσε τις διακοπές σου στο Kyveli Suites! Εμείς προσφέρουμε υψηλής ποιότητας διαμονή στο Ναύπλιο.
Ναυπλιο διαμονη, ναυπλιο ξενοδοχειο,σουιτες ναυπλιο,ξενοδοχεια στο ναυπλιο
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The power of this romantic city creates an energy that overwhelms the senses

Ancient walls, medieval castles, monuments, statues, ottoman fountains, venetian and neoclassical buildings, all of them charming historical and architectural gems compose a glorious welcome to the guests.


The old town maintains it's seductive charm through the slated alleys, the blooming bougainvilleas on the balconies, the terraces of the elegant neoclassicals, the well-preserved mansions and the ottoman fountains.


In the summer, take an invigorating swim on the beaches of Arvanitia, Karathonas, Nea Kios, Miloi and Kiveri. You will also find a nice beach offering all kinds of facilities in Tolo, only 15 min away from the town.


We will meet it in front of you, going up the road that passes through the Arvanitia. Here is where you can rest and admire the grandeur and beauty of the sea, which lies at your feet.Undoubtedly this is the most beautiful part of the city, to enjoy the sunset.


While exploring the countryside on foot is a great way to go off the beaten track, there’s only so far your legs can carry you. So why not enlist the help of a much more able four-legged friend and head out in search of those hard-to-get-to rural areas on horseback?


At your service, our experienced local partners in super jeep tours in Argolis & it’s surrounding prefectures Arcadia & Korinthia with their unique landscapes! We run a mixed fleet of modified Land Rover, which will get you off the beaten track by driving on mountain roads!

δραστηριοτητες ναυπλιο - Kyveli Suites


Take your camera and come to join photographic excursions, to discover exciting destinations together with professional photographers – drivers from the Phototour team. Photographic trips for all levels of photographers to make the most of your photographic capabilities.In Photo tour we are a group of photographers who, through different paths, reached a common point which is no other than our love for photography and shooting. Our main desire is to revisit through our photo lenses historic places of unique beauty, and other locations that most people ignore. We touch peaks, walking through rough and remote paths and lead us to monasteries, built many centuries ago. We meet rivers and beaches, away from the noisy cities.


By knowing the local traditional products, you also get to know the area, the local customs, the folk tradition and the culture. Through these wine tours that we suggest, wine lovers and passengers of tradition come closer to the production and to our wine culture, which began many centuries ago. Homer’s vinicultured Peloponnese forms a wine destination, as native varieties were born on its land (even since Pausanias’s vine), such as the globally known Agiorgitiko and Moschofilero, but also Roditis, Kidonitsa, Rokaniaris and many other varieties, through which you can get to know the local nutritional habits and the local traditional cuisine.

ναυπλιο δραστηριοτητες - Kyveli Suites
δραστηριοτητες ναυπλιο - Kyveli Suites


Religious tourism is an alternative form of tourism that stems from the believers’ need to witness the greatness of their faith and come closer to their religion.
This need and quest of the believers’ has for decades been the drive for visiting specific destinations. Religious travel is a type of tribute to pilgrimages of earlier times


There is a great deal to do in Tolo and the surrounding areas. Try watersports such as sailing, windsurfing, waterskiing or scuba diving, rent a motorised boat, go fishing. In springtime visitors come from all over the world to explore the countryside, flowers of Greece and ornithologists come to the area to study rare bird species. Take a trip to the nearby town of Nafplion which was the first capital of liberated Greece and visit the historical monuments and narrow Venetian streets or kite surf at one of the nearby beaches, Day cruises leave the harbour of Tolo everyday during the summer months to the islands of Hydra, Spetses, Poros and Monemvasia.

δραστηριοτητες ναυπλιο - Kyveli Suites
ναυπλιο δραστηριοτητες - Kyveli Suites


Enjoy mini-cruises to the picturesque Saronic islands of Spetses, Hydra and Poros. The programme was varied and fun-filled with barbecues, picnics and cruises to Hydra and Spetses, thus began the tradition of day cruises in the Argos-Nafplio-Tolo area. The cruise programme runs from late March to late October. In addition to the ever-popular day cruises to the islands Hydra, Poros and Spetses, the boats offer a variety of special cruises such as picnics, barbecues and evening cruises. The boats are also available for charter, for group cruises and for private parties, receptions and celebrations.


The rocky, partly volcanic Argo-Saronic islands, most of them barely an olive’s throw from the mainland, differ to a surprising extent not just from the land they face but also from one another.
Let’s us design for you an amazing getaway weekend in the Argosaronic Golf!
Imbued in deeply rooted history whilst surrounded by endless sea, Monemvasia gives a warm welcome to those who have made the effort to seek out this hidden gem on the Peloponnesian eastern coast of Laconia.
The significance of its name being that of ‘sole entrance’, one passes through the battlements into the ‘confines’ of this enchanting byzantine castle citadel, becoming at one with its colourful historical past. A labyrinth of cobbled stoned pathways will guide you through this destination that will leave you breathless with its time worn beauty.

ναυπλιο δραστηριοτητες - Kyveli Suites
nafplio activities - Kyveli Suites


If you love history and culture, Argolis is a “must” place to visit. It is concidered one of the most famous destinations in Greece and an ideal place for travelers who like visiting priceless archaeological sites. The famous Mycenae and the ancient theatre of Epidaurus are waiting for us to recount their rich history and to step us back in time on a history tour.